Thursday, May 31, 2007

Metro News 2.

Ashley Judd cheers on her man.
Oot ma effin way! Actress Ashley Judd says her Scots racecar driver husband Dario Franchitti swore his way to victory at the Indianapolis 500. Judd cheered on her hubby of eight years as he raced to the finish line at Sunday's event in Indiana earning himself a massive $1.6million.
Judd last night told U.S. host Ellen DeGeneres that she listened in on Franchitti's in car communication and his 'profoundly Scottish cursing.'
She said: "I listen to the in car communications at the track.
"He gets into his profoundly Scottish cursing dialect but it's an appropriate time to get road rage.

"It's usually directed at the back markers who wont get out of the way . . . or the officials . . . or just the IRL (Indy Racing League) in general."Off the track, however, Judd says Franchitti is a courteous driver.
"He's quick but he's incredibly respectful and very lawful," Judd said.
"I think that's a common misconception about racing drivers - they are the most correct drivers they always use there turn signals and go the appropriate speed in the appropriate lane."
The Indianapolis 500-Mile Race had to be cut short due to heavy rains with Franchitti, 34, being declared the winner just 415 miles into the event.
The couple had even more to celebrate as Judd's new horror film 'Bug' made $3.3 million at the US box office during its opening weekend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That ashley! She always was QUITE the wit and bard...

8:55 AM  
Blogger Sans Pantaloons said...

Not as funny as your good self Dick.

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