Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Stats Pictures.

You can click on these graphics to make them bigger.

The graphic above is the stats used by Scarlet. Like everything in this world, nothing is for nothing, and a lot of stats providers provide some detail, but if you want all the details, you have to pay for their premium service. I don't use stats myself, so it might be best to ask some other Bloggers what they think of their service.

The above graphic shows the visits to Scarlets Blog. The IP address is shown only with the premium service, but it shows date, time, method, Country, browser and operating system.

The above graphic shows the referring site, that is the site the visitor came from.

The graphic above shows the stats that Janna uses on her Jantrails Blog. These stats show referring site, Country, browser, operating system and where you go when you leave.


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